Tips for Effective PHP Application Development

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As far as PHP application development is concerned, different developers have different levels of knowledge about PHP coding. There are a very few coders who are able to deliver accurate, neat and correct code in on go. A good code in PHP application development refers to developing an application with minimum written codes. This, however, does not mean that all developers cannot churn out the perfect coding. All developers strive really hard to maintain the quality of their code and bring about the optimum results. All they need are a few tips that can help them enhance the quality of their code. Here are a few tips that can assist you in developing a good code:

1)  Use Framework Extensively: The use of frameworks is one important factor that highly affects the quality of PHP application development code. If you use frameworks the process of coding picks up speed because frameworks have libraries as well as pre written codes which make it easy to find anything without much of looking around.

2)  Replace strlen() with isset(): By replacing strlen() you can treat strings as arrays. This way the PHP developer can ensure that the developed string is as long as the required string and contains the required number of characters.

3)  Use Ternary Operators: As a general belief, ternary operators are not very beneficial but they do prove helpful when the code is prototyped and small. In case you are designing templates, ternary operators can play an important role.

4)  Memcached: For the successful running of the application it is important that the developer has an easy access to the network and disc. Memcached helps in speeding up the access to disc as and when used in PHP application development project. If the application is on multiple servers, Memcached is of much help.

5)  Use str_replace(): Using str_replace() instead of preg_replace() and ereg_replace() can improve the speed of the application you are developing.

6)  Use a SQL Injection Cheat Sheet: SQL Injection Cheat Sheet makes your application secure. Though there are many other options but this one is far better than all of them.

7)  Upgrade Using Comparison Operators: Comparison operators form an important part of the PHP application development and it is very important that the coders have the right knowledge about these operators and do not get confused about their usage. Even the slightest error in their use can change the purpose of the application.

8)  Use Suppression Operators Correctly: Use suppression operators moderately. Excessive use of these operators can make the code slow and heavy. Hence it is appropriate to use suppression operators in limits.

9)  Stay Away From Brackets: If you as a PHP developer want to reduce the number the characters in your code, reducing the number of brackets can prove to be a helpful option. Keeping or dropping the brackets from an application completely depends on the nature of the application code.

10)  Cut Short the Other Code: This tip might require the developer to compromise with the readability of the code, thus, it should be used keeping in mind the length of the code.

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Tips for Effective PHP Application Development

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Tips for Effective PHP Application Development

This article was published on 2011/12/31