Some applications for Welfare of People:

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Here are some of the best applications available for social welfare of the society. We found these applications after a little bit of searching. The applications are made in different circumstances, by different teams placed at different locations in the world.

So, let us start introducing you to those applications.

  1. Fight Back:

This is an application made by Mahindra group of companies. It was a paid application, but is now made free after the gang rape incident in Mumbai.

The application allows users (girls) to SMS, MMS, and the message of the threat to police. The application will also work if they lose balance or have any other problem with their cell. It will automatically notify the location of the mobile phone using the Google Maps data.

  1. Pill Reminder Pro:

This is an application on Apple Iphone store. The application reminds users about the time of their pills. This application is getting very popular among people of old age. Old people can store data of their pills and the amount of dosage required. After the data is fed in the application, it will automatically notify at the time.

  1. Which, Your Rights?

Which, Your Rights, is a new application made solely for the consumers so they can know their rights. The application has a bundle of data regarding the consumer rights from returning your Christmas gifts to retail products. This application is made for everyone.

  1.  AutoCAD WS:

This application is especially made for mechanical engineers. The application works perfectly using a Tablet, but it can also work on android and iphones. The application make a DWG file that can be passed on to the cloud or can be send using an email address.

  1. Mechanics Basics:

It’s another application based on Mechanical Laws and equations. The application has a storage server including mechanical basis and mechanical laws including references and material engineers might find resourceful.

  1.  Dragon Dictation:

Dragon dictation is another application being used by many people including some handicapped people. A review on Enabled by design says that he has been using the application for the last 1 year and has found no problem in the application, as he has issues with typing, he find it easier to send text and emails using the dictation application.

In the end, what we found using these applications is that the applications made for social welfare are getting more popular among public. In addition, these applications need to be made on a much larger scale so they can cater the larger public demands in near future.

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Some applications for Welfare of People:

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Some applications for Welfare of People:

This article was published on 2013/08/19