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Thousands of organizations around the world have turned to the power of Apache Solr/Lucene open source technology to drive their cutting-edge search applications.

Now, LucidWorks Enterprise, the new search solution development platform from the Lucene/Solr experts at Lucid Imagination, leverages the cost-effective architecture of open source search technology to let you build search applications that scale economically:

Search within reach

LucidWorks Enterprise is a well-packaged, integrated search solution development platform that makes it easier for you to take on the art and science of search, applying the power and flexbility of open source to unlock the search technology for your most interesting and valuable business and technical challenges.
Built On Solr: Expands and extends the leading open-source search technology; provides a powerful, leading edge scalable solution unconstrained by closed commercial legacy licenses, curated by the experts in Lucene/Solr
ReST API: simplified reliable integration of search into enterprise infrastructure ensures that search applications can become a reliable, extensible component of business-critical technologies
Scaling/Availability: Handles the ever-growing volume and diversity of documents in a distributed infrastructure, eliminating barriers to growing your search application with your market opportunities
Integrated Crawler: Simplifies the acquisition and processing of content to make more of the organizations information resources available on line quickly

Build better search applications faster

Solr/Lucene open source technology is unmatched in its ability to deliver the full range of cutting-edge search and discovery techniques -- faceting, distributed processing, indexing billions of documents with subsecond query response time. Now, LucidWorks Enterprise lets you harness that power to build better search applications faster, without having to give up any of the powerful innovations that made Solr/Lucene the leading search technology used by thousands of organizations, large and small. LucidWorks Enterprise slashes the amount of time and effort it takes to build Solr-based search applications, delivering new, cutting edge search features that translate into better search experience for your end users.
Admin and Config UI: Ensures that new data can be added and search features can be tuned more easily and quickly, keeping data and search results current with user needs
Query Parser: Handles a broader range of user inputs, helping ensure that user queries retrieve better, more complete results more quickly and reduces the likelihood that users will see an error message
Click Scoring: Leverages ongoing user interaction with the search system automatically, prioritizing results that users have already selected for subsequent queries of the same search term
Alerts: When new results are available, helps automatically notify users of the availability of the information without having to return and search again and again.

Lowering the cost of growth

The one thing that's certain about the content and data in your search application is that it will grow and change. As you add new data and data sources, adapt user roles, and extend your application across platforms, LucidWorks Enterprise provides the features you need to deploy your application successfully at a price that is five to ten times lower than the commercial alternatives. And the lower the cost of growing your application, the faster you can grow the business the application was written to support.
Security: Integrates with your existing security infrastructure so that you can apply your policies to the search infrastructure of documents
Cross-Platform: Avoid lock-in to a particular platform, so you can adapt as your business changes, and draw upon a broader range of developer skillsets
License Model And Packaging: Reduced risk through an integrated solution platform, with available subscriptions providing time-critical enterprise-grade support and consulting from the worlds leading experts in Lucene/Solr open source search

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Solr Search Application

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This article was published on 2010/11/24