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Microsoft Silverlight is a framework for the website application development. It incorporates multimedia, graphics and animations. Today's website required a lot of interactive application and Silverlight offers the most appropriate platform for this. From now on the JavaFX and Adobe Flash will have to vie with Silverlight. Silverlight was launched a few days before the launching of Java FX. The presentation components of AJAX now have to vie with those of Silverlight.

The main presentation framework of Silverlight is accountable for the graphics, animation, user interface (UI), main UI controls, media playback, user input, interactivity, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and DOM integration. Some of the prominent features of this application are XML Web Services, Language Integrated Query (LINQ) APIs, extensible controls, networking components and Silverlight ships that have a quality library with very less weight.

The latest versions of Silverlight are provided with Pixel Shader APIs. This facilitates the developer to create customized effects including drop shadow and blur. Effects like Animation Easing are now permitted by Silverlight. Animations like elastic effect and bounce can now be embedded on to the webpage. Silverlight can thus give the visual content more life and can consequently increase the effectiveness of the images, videos and animations.

The effectiveness of the text content can be highly improved through the use of Silverlight. The text of the webpage can be animated and made attractive to grab the attention of the visitor. With the use of Silverlight the text content is never going to look like an advertisement on print.

In Silverlight application the JavaScript APU is used for local font. This accelerates the loading time of the website application. The image data can be decoded with the help of this application. This facilitates the developer with control on the image cache before it is added to the visual content of the website. This feature is included under the umbrella of image improvement which is one of the most important aspects of the Silverlight platform.

Microsoft Silverlight is provided with Media Stream Source API. Adaptive streaming of the media is enabled because of this. This sort of streaming permits the application of the player to select the media bit rate. The media bit rate is dependent on the bandwidth of the client as well as the resources of the CPU.

With a good web design company that knows how to use the Silverlight, the website can be empowered to work wonders.  The website can be made so appealing and live that the visitor can feel as if being mesmerized by a marketing person. One can put life into the images and animations with the help of Silverlight and this can increase the return on investment.

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Silverlight Application to Web Development

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This article was published on 2010/11/18