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Based on Macromedia Flash adobe flex is a framework for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Flex is a software development kit released by Adobe for rich interface applications. Flex applications are well-matched with different browsers and multiple programming languages. RIA development is booming in today's IT world. Flex improves the interactivity of the application from enterprise and across the web. Applications created in flex are compatible with all the browsers and technologies. With increasing in the numbers of web users customers need different applications for different requirements. Flex is booming as it can be easily integrated with Java and PHP. There are very few professional Flex development company having proficiency in Flex with PHP or Flex with JAVA.

The component Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES provides a complete set of data enabling features in Flex or Ajax based RIAs for better user experience. It is powerful data services architecture and programming model allow RIAs to coordinate data between client and server to produce best customer meeting incident with less code, low risk, and faster time.

For developing Rich Internet application one can use Adobe AIR technology. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is cross-operating system runtime to run desktop based Rich Internet Applications on multiple operating systems. AIR supports many web application development technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML and more. For developing very rich internet application in short time, Adobe AIR provides API as an additional element of Flash player that helps in faster development compare to other development platforms. AIR is an easy to learn simple and cost effective technology for developing desktop based applications. It is very useful for high performing rich internet applications which do not require browsers.

For building Flex application, developers use Flex SDK., Adobe Flex Builder 3. The reason behind it is highly productive, free open source framework and having ability to make significant web applications. Application developed in Flex can be run to any browser with Flash player. Flex is a server side technology which support from JAVA, ASP.NET or PHP as back end. There is some Flexibility with this technology that you can redesign application as and when you need. CRM and ERP systems, video and audio messaging solutions are possible with Flex technologies. Rightway solution has developed CRM Software using flex. If you confused how to build CRM Software in Flex go through the portfolio of Rightway Solution.

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Develop Flourishing Ria In Flex

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This article was published on 2010/03/26