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AdmissionsBridge is your support on the path to higher education. Whether you are trying to decide which language school or institute is right for you, or whether you need assistance with the admissions process, AdmissionsBridge offers the expert help you're looking for.
We've been where you are now. We understand your dream of studying in the United States, meeting new people, and making lasting friendships while immersed in an exciting, dynamic culture. And we know that sorting through hundreds of schools and navigating the complicated and confusing application processes may make that dream seem impossible to reach.
If you're interested in finding a language school or institute in the United States, the AdmissionsBridge online portal provides extensive information that is critical to your understanding of the various programs and features of each school. The portal also offers price and rating comparisons so your financial considerations may easily be taken into account. And when you need help, our experienced counselors are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the school or courses that are a best fit for you.
We offer:
* School comparison
* Course selection counseling
* Assistance in preparing supporting documents
* Easy tracking system to track your application status
* Service as a key contact to your prospective school
* College admissions service
* Essay or personal statement editing
* F1 student visa counseling
The college and university application process is especially stressful and difficult for international students. There could be communication barriers, a lack of understanding about American schools' admissions processes, and a lack of effective assistance throughout those application processes. AdmissionsBridge is determined to provide the expert help that international students require.
Why Us?
We are the experts. We have already successful helped innumerable prospective international students in both the student visa and college application processes, and we're ready to help you.
* Our service is FREE!
* We can recommend the most appropriate course to fit your needs and budgets.
* We allow you to compare courses and prices among schools.
* We can find special offers for you which are offered exclusively by AdmissionsBridge.
* We assist you in the application process.
* We provide you practical advice in real time!
AdmissionsBridge Admission Services are available to students who want to apply to higher education institutions in the United States. These services include College Admissions, Essay Editing, and Visa Application Assistance, each of which offer the critical support that international students often require to achieve their educational goals in America.
At AdmissionsBridge, it is our desire to help students choose the courses that best fit their needs. AdmissionsBridge maintains an extensive list of schools and their programs in the United States so that prospective students may make comparisons based on their budgets and their goals.

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AdmissionsBridge - Your support on the path to higher education

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This article was published on 2010/10/26